Monday, August 27, 2018

With cops like these, we don't need any enemies


"This is not a test" from 1962 is apparently considered a classic, but personally, I found it pretty boring, slow paced and uninteresting. The plot is set on an isolated road outside a big city somewhere in California, immediately before the outbreak of a nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union. A lone police officer stops everyone who happens to be on the road and forces them inside a cargo truck, where he hopes they will survive the upcoming nuclear blast?!

The cop is incompetent, bureaucratic, rude and slightly sadistic. Since the semi-deserted road is in the middle of "ground zero" (where the missile is assumed to impact), the entire plot strikes me as illogical. Why don't these people run away and take shelter somewhere else...oh, I forgot, the police officer is a Dumkopf. And he's the guy holding a gun. Only two people manage to escape to the mountains, while the rest of California (and I suppose the world) goes under in a cataclysmic nuclear explosion...

Not as exciting as I expected, and hence only two stars.

PS. Apparently, this DVD also contain another film, titled "Atomic War Bride". I haven't seen it, but since it's Yugoslav, I assume it's pornographic.
They usually are.

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