Monday, August 27, 2018

Go to your room, Louise

Spoiler warning...sort of

"The Day the World Ended" from 1955 is a low-budget production signed Roger Corman. Who else? A diverse group of people are trying to cope with nuclear war, mutants and each other, isolated in a remote house in the woods. One of the newcomers turns out to be a gangster, while another is slowly turning into an evolutionary novelty, complete with three eyes and really huge claws... Well, you get the picture.

Since "The Day the World Ended" was done before the sexual revolution, the most we see of sex is a "classical" scene with two women bathing in old fashioned swimsuits which show very little, while The Monster is spying on them. There is also a "striptease" with very little stripping!

The gangster is shot at the end, all radioactivity is washed away by the rain, and so is the zombified monster-man (!). The heroes get in touch with other survivors by ham radio, and we can all start over again. Until the next cyclical Kali Yuga, I suppose. For, according to our man Corman, "the end is the beginning". Not *as* bad as I supposed, but hardly a good movie either.
Only two stars.

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