Friday, August 31, 2018

They're baaaaaack...

…and very little has changed. Unrepentant fans (not to mention “guilty pleasure” lurkers like myself) won't be disappointed. The team from the BFRO is still running around with thermo cameras in the middle of the night, shouting and screaming. The producer's ideas on how to get ratings up are just as absurd as usual: think Hawaiian luau + Bigfoot. And although the BFRO represents the “moderate” faction of Bigfooting, they believe the lot!

One episode features a couple in Florida claiming that the local Bigfeet are bringing them gifts, when they aren't busy pelting their house with rocks. Another episode report observations in the Santa Cruz Mountains, an area teeming with people. What would a flock of reclusive apes be doing *there*, I wonder? And how do they get away so easily after each dramatic encounter with tourists? Naturally, “Finding Bigfoot” also visits Boggy Creek…

The most recent episode (as of today) ends with the team actually getting a response to one of their calls, but a sudden thunder storm forces them to give up any further investigations. Damn. That was close! But then, anomalists of a more occultic breed have a ready explanation for such failures. The Trickster archetype, yes?

If you are a die hard sceptic, you will probably frown on “Finding Bigfoot”, but compared to many other series on American TV, I'd say this one is perfectly tolerable, with the possible exception of Bobo's anomalous friends at that barbecue mentioned earlier. Three stars.

BTW, these episodes are officially known as Season 4, not Season 5.

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