Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Wuthering heights

A review of an orgone pyramid sold by Amazon (sic). It attracted 7 non helpful votes. 

This little pyramid supposedly attracts "orgone", a mysterious form of energy supposedly discovered by maverick psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich during his even more maverick "New Age" phase. The glass pyramid is said to turn negative energy into positive, purify the atmosphere, detoxify the water and even protect you from harmful EMF radiation. I admit that I don't believe a word of it! Are there mysterious, subtle energies in the cosmos? Maybe. I mean, why not? The scientists have kindly informed us that we live in a multiverse that's really a hologram... But can this little clearance sale product attract "orgone energy" and solve all our environmental disasters? Naaaah. It's more likely to relieve you of $ 30 and the little positive energy you have left, and attract a lot of dust. If it had worked, "they" would put large ones on every military facility in the country. And charge more than thirty dollars...

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