Friday, August 31, 2018

I haven't read this book either

"Taken by the Pterodactyl". Ha ha ha. OK, seriously, who *is* reading this kind of trash pornography? I don't (no, really) but I admit that the other customer reviews on this page were pretty darn funny, funnier than anything I could ever have come up with!

One of the reviewers wonders about the fate of "Tyrannosaurus Sex", while another is upset at the palaeontological ineptness of the editor, who classified this as "Dinosaur Erotica", when pterodactyls (of course) are a very different group of reptiles. I can only hope the editor can tell the difference between a human female and, say, a male Hadrosaurus. I concur with the guy who calls this "the best piece of literature I've never read".

I don't usually reference other customer's reviews, but, frankly, this was The Laugh of the Week. Thanks guys, says Ashtar Command (a perfectly normal Swedish citizen), gracefully bowing out.

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