Thursday, August 30, 2018

Stunning revelations of an unmistakably sexual character

...not! I've written a longer review of this book at its main product page. Here, let me just say that "Inside a Magical Lodge" doesn't contain any titillating, scintillating, sensation-mongering revelations about what Masons, Odd Fellows or Satanists are *really* up to. Nor does it reveal what Scotsmen have under their kilts!

Rather, Greer exposits on the history (real history - no Templars or Da Vinci codes) of fraternal and magical lodges, the magical worldview and the underlying meaning of lodge rituals, initiations in particular. (Yes, you really are blindfolded. No coffins in this one, however.) There are also practical tips on how to found and organize a lodge, some discussion on ritual magic in a lodge-related context (thus, no tips on how to hex your non-believing neighbours), and a rather conservative criticism of the New Age, Neo-Shamanism and the fantasy subculture.

The author, John Michael Greer (fraternally known as J.M.G.), was a practitioner of Golden Dawn magic at the time of writing this book, but later joined the Druid Revival AODA, which he currently heads. "Inside a Magical Lodge", despite not divulging any deep secrets (or so Mr JMG wants us to believe!), is nevertheless quite interesting - although perhaps too narrow for the general reader - and I therefore bestow on it the Initiated Ashtar Degree of the Four Amazonian Stars. Hell Teutatis and may the skies not fall down on our heads!

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