Friday, August 31, 2018

The dung heap of history

A review of a peculiar product on sale from Amazon. 

A bizarre envelope celebrating Stalinist leader Klement Gottwald, the organizer of the Prague coup and the first Communist president of Czechoslovakia. He also orchestrated the notorious show trial against Rudolf Slansky, Artur London and other “Titoists” or “Zionists”, on direct orders from Joe in Moscow. For “Zionist”, read Jew – many of those purged were Jewish. There is some irony in this. Three years earlier, the Soviet bloc had supported Israel against the British-appended Arab states during the Arab-Israeli war of 1948! Well, thank you, comrades… The envelope has a text in Slovak, which claims that the name of Gottwald will live forever more (no less) in the hearts, minds and deeds of the Czechoslovak working people??!! I'm sorry, but I can only give this stuff one star, although I'm sure the product might interest some collectors.

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