Thursday, August 30, 2018

Of course I'm paranoid, I have a unicorn mug on my table

A review of a "unicorn mug" sold by Amazon. 

Is this a Christmas greeting from North Korea's strongman Kim Jong-un to Dennis Rodman? LOL. Seriously, it's a pity that the peaceful, pure and enlightened unicorn has been forever branded as a DPRK intelligence asset by an unfortunate gaffe last year! As for being a unicorn, well, why not. Psst…don't tell anyone, but I actually have a unicorn poster on my living room wall. Last year, I was afraid of being called a wimp by the super-macho Amazon reviewers, but this year, I'm more afraid of being abducted by aliens working for the National Security Agency, placed in a cell next to Dennis Rodman… “Of course I'm paranoid, everyone is trying to kill me”.

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