Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The mysteries of orgone

I admit that I haven't bothered watching the whole film. Surrealist films aren't my thing. As for Yugoslavia, I always considered TV programs from that nation to be surprisingly lewd and over-sexed. And I grew up in Sweden! Funny anecdote: Poul Fersling, who wrote an encyclopaedia of the occult popular in Scandinavia, erroneously refers to “The Mysteries of the Organism” as “The Mysteries of Orgasm”. Since Wilhelm Reich was a psychoanalyst, I suppose we could call this “a Freudian slip”, lol. And then, maybe not. I *have* seen selected footage from this movie. Yes, it features Nazis, Communists and…well…liberated Yugoslav girls. Probably not your Adriatic port of call if you're seriously interested in the mysteries of orgone. Two stars.

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