Friday, August 31, 2018

Our friend the Rottweiler

A review of a fake postage stamp sold by Amazon. Many fakes from Russia shows Rotweilers (and bassets), for whatever quirky reason. 

Ah, here's our friend the rottweiler again. This “stamp” is supposedly from the Republic of North Ossetia, a small region in the Russian Federation, immediately to the north of…well, South Ossetia. This time, the mysterious printer at least got the Cyrillic alphabet straight. Unfortunately, he didn't get the name of the place *exactly* right. It should be “Respublika Severnaia Osetia-Alania”. The “Alania” is missing. And, of course, it *is* suspicious that so many stamps supposedly hailing from the remotest corners of the ex-USSR show exactly the same dog breeds: rots, Airdale terriers, bassets, even more bassets, etc.

The postal authorities of Russia have issued several statements, dutifully carried by serious philately websites, condemning these and other issues as illegal. No region of Russia has the right to print its own stamps. Thus, this stamp is fake! By all means, buy it if you like rottweilers or haywire philately, but don't try to sell it to a serious collector…

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