Thursday, August 30, 2018

Strictly canonical

Another 1917 thing... 

A review of a Swedish Bible edition I posted on Amazon.

This is the 1917 Swedish Bible translation, the one most elderly Swedes grew up with. Considered too old fashioned in style today, it was actually considered too modern at the time!

It *is* rather difficult to read, but even I have a quasi-nostalgic relationship to it, since I tried to read parts of it already in elementary school. I went straight for Revelation, and draw the conclusion that whoever wrote this stuff must have been pretty damn insane! OK, a secularized kid's opinion, ha ha.

Interestingly, the 1917 edition doesn't contain the Apocrypha, despite the Church of Sweden being Lutheran. This was apparently a nod to the “free churches”, the independent Protestant denominations, which usually don't include them in their Bibles. The Apocrypha were published as a separate volume, in 1922 I think.

Once upon a time, Bibles like this one were readily available all over the country, but these days, I think you have to go to a used book store to get a copy. (I did.) Or buy them through that quirky American vendor, Amazing Amazon.
Incidentally, the other customer review is in Swedish!

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