Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Kitty alert

“The Science of Cats” is a National Geographic documentary about the search for the origins of Felis catus, the domestic cat. We get to meet a French archaeologist who celebrated with an aperitif rather than champagne when he found a 9,200 year old cat skeleton in Cyprus. Meanwhile, an American research team roams the streets of Cairo and Abu Simbel in Egypt, trying to obtain DNA samples from the mouths of feral cats. The locals wonder what on earth these crazy Westerners are up to. They have a point, LOL. Scottish wildcats and very bizarre domestic breeds are also featured. The story ends with the research team declaring Egypt to be the cradle of cats as we know them. Quite funny and entertaining, especially when one of the serious scientists in Abu Simbel exclaims “Kitty alert”. Three stars.

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