Thursday, August 30, 2018

Santa's Satanic helper

A review of "Krampus greeeting cards".

In Central Europe, there's a bizarre tradition about a devil or demon named Krampus who supposedly roams the streets at night between December 5 and December 6, abducting naughty children by throwing them in his sack. Even stranger is the tradition that this monster is actually an assistant to...wait for it...Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children and model for "Santa Claus". I thought Santa would know better than cavorting with the Evil One!

As a kid, I was invited by a Central European family living in Sweden to a December 6 celebration, but their devil turned out to be more comic than hideous. I suppose the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child had caught on in our neighbourhood... The candy was pretty damn good, too. Wine gums, I think. For those who prefer the Grimm brothers or Martin Luther's black pedagogy, I suppose this set of Krampus cards will work just fine...

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