Friday, August 31, 2018

A bogus basset?

Originally posted on Amazon´s site.

LOL, Amazing Amazon sells almost everything. This is supposedly a postage stamp from Sakhalin, the elongated island off the Russian coast in the North Pacific. Except that it isn't. The official postal authorities of the Russian Federation have issued several statements, condemning these and other stamps as “illegal”. They are not approved, and probably not even printed on Russian soil. No Russian region has the right to issue stamps of its own. In this particular case, the bogus quality of the stamp is obvious. Note the text…in English, with Latin letters!

That being said, I really don't care. There is an enormous grey zone between “Absolutely Serious & Officially Approved Postage Stamps” and “Forgery that can land you in the slammer”. Whoever is producing this adorable fakes with basset hounds on them, is probably inspired by the large amount of nations that print (officially, mind you) never-ending series of stamps that aren't actually used on letters, but are sold straight to collectors…

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