Sunday, September 29, 2019

Eufalconimorphae: Finally, a clade that makes some sense!

If this idiot blogger calls me chicken one more time, I´m gonna go ultra-rogue on him!

So DNA research suggests that falcons are more closely related to parrots and passerines than to eagles, hawks, vultures and other Accipitriformes. 

Makes sense.

My amateur biological side always thought there was something strange about falcons. I mean, they *look* differently, don´t they? For all I know, they could be parrots gone ultra-rogue. And what about the caracaras? They look like chicken evolving into birds of prey! 

Next, I want a thorough taxonomical revision of cuckoos. I´m pretty sure there´s something fishy about them, too. And what´s this shit about swifts and hummingbirds being related??? Not to mention the supposed dino-bird connexion, not sure about that one either. 

Maybe we should also take a closer look at the old discarded theory that flying foxes are really primates and hence related to humans... Always missed that one!

Real change we can believe in. Please?

Maitreya came to his people, and his people comprehendeth him not

According to the Shingon school of Esoteric Buddhism, the Buddha of the future will appear in 
5.6 billion years and save all sentient beings by taking them to the Pure Land Paradise. 

Can we really afford waiting that long for real change we can believe in?

Especially since the Earth will be swallowed by the Sun in just 4 billion years. The prospect of having to be suspended in inter-planetary space in the form of a gas cloud chased by Lovecraftian Wyrms for 1.6 billion years doesn´t really appeal to me.

Can Christ Jesus please come back in 2030 instead? 

A bewildering death

“Death and the Afterlife: A Chronological Journey from Cremation to Quantum Resurrection” by Clifford A Pickover is a bewildering, confusing and decidedly non-chronological meandering peregrination through humanity´s myriad views of death and dying.

Peculiar burial customs, child sacrifice, ideas about the afterlife, paintings and novels about our mortality, even some science and science fiction (not always easy to tell apart in these murky waters)…you will need a lot of patience to sift through this material, unless you love to be surprised! Other topics covered: abortion, executions, the Ghost Dance and the two most popular “books of the dead” in Western culture (yes, the Egyptian and the Tibetan). The book has a “Halloween” feel, with small pictures of skulls on the covers.

Much of the information was new to me, such as the notion of “sin-eaters”. In Aztec culture, the soul of the departed is said to meet a spirit-being named Tlazolteotl, which would “eat” his or her sins. I say Tlazolteotl had a lot of work to do, considering the innumerable crimes of this particular civilization! “Real” sin-eaters have existed in the UK. Food was placed at the corpse of the departed, and a social outcast was then instructed to eat it, at which the sins of the deceased person were said to be transferred to the sin-eater via the food. It seems English peasants didn´t trust the efficacy of the atoning death of Christ…

Atheists want immortality as much as the religiously faithful or the credulously superstitious. Hence entries on cryonics, transhumanism, Quantum immortality and Quantum resurrection. There is also something called Boltzmann brains. I´m sure Boltzmann himself had a couple of those. The author of this volume missed Ray Kurzweil´s Singularity notions, though. On a more negative note, there is nothing about runaway climate change and the Venus scenario. Another problem is that the book isn´t fully sourced.

Maybe next time? Or in my next life, LOL.

Wtf, I love falcons now

“Europas rovfåglar” by Gunnar Pettersson is Swedish book about raptors or birds of prey. Published in 1984, it includes the falcons alongside hawks, eagles, vultures and other Accipitriformes. Apparently, the falcons are no longer regarded as raptors in good standing, rather being a dramatic example of convergent evolution. Or so the nerd who writes on Wiki tells me. Until the pendulum swings back again, presumably… Sorting out these birds have long been a problem for biologists!

The book includes all European raptor species. The species presentations are rather short. The book is above all a work of art. And yes, the illustrations are made by Gunnar Pettersson himself. He, or perhaps the editor, seems more fascinated by some species than by others. Peregrine falcons, gyrfalcons and white-tailed eagles are prominently featured. So are some vultures. The author is “pro-raptor” and the concluding chapter attacks humanity as we know it for “persecuting” raptors. I didn´t know that birds of prey were themselves prey for humans just a few centuries ago. In Sweden, the common buzzard was verily food, and in southern Italy and Sicily, the locals feasted on sea eagles and the lammergeier! The author also writes about falconry – I find it fascinating that falcons can actually be trained or tamed.

But no, I´m not particularly raptor-friendly. If it´s between us and them, I´d say kill´em before they multiply (and eat´em). Perhaps I imbibed too much romantic shit about Nature as a kid from books like “Europas rovfåglar”, so this is the counter-reaction. Still, I like parrots and magpies, so the idea that falcons are more closely related to Psittaciformes and Passeriformes than to some ugly buzzard or vulture made me slightly more positive to the fate of the Peregrine…

Occultism for the coffee table

“Ockulta boken” is a Swedish translation of John Michael Greer´s “The Occult Book: A Chronological Journey from Alchemy to Wicca”. I haven´t seen the American original, but in the Swedish edition, the print is too small, although I suppose it´s possible that I´m simply getting old and even more near-sighted!

Otherwise, I have no particular objections to this volume, described by its author as a “coffee table book”. It could also be described as an encyclopedic teaser trailer to the arcane world of the occult. The author takes us on an extended journey from Pythagoras to the 2012 phenomenon. Most of the landfalls along the path would be familiar to avid students of these truly esoteric topics. Thus, there are entries on Corpus Hermeticum, Paracelsus, Böhme, the Rosicrucian Manifestoes, Eliphas Levi, Golden Dawn, Blavatsky and Steiner. Other topics covered are perhaps more obscure, such as the mysterious Benandanti, a 16th century pagan cult in northern Italy exposed by the Inquisition. Or what about Hoodoo drug stores, once a staple of the US urban landscape?

“The Occult Book” shows the diversity of the Western occult tradition, which includes both “low” folkish superstition and “high” philosophical speculation…and pretty much everything in between! A thing that struck me when reading about Swedish 18th century occultism in another work, was how broad the occult interests even of aristocrats actually were, ranging all the way from the Cabala to tasseomancy. Thus, the author´s decision to include other strands of the secret tradition besides Hermetic philosophy and Böhmean mysticism was clearly a good one. And speaking of Sweden, two Swedes have been included in this volume, Johannes Bureus and Emmanuel Swedenborg (our very own prophet). Left out is Gustaf Adolf Reuterholm, but perhaps he is less known internationally?

For those who consider the entries in this teaser trailer too short, a list of recommended reading has been included in the last section. I noticed that it included another book by John Michael Greer, “Apocalypse Not”, the author´s very own take (or take down) of the 2012 phenomenon. Finally, a minor quibble with the Swedish translation. Blavatsky´s magnum opus is called “Den Hemliga Läran” in Swedish, nothing else.

There will be genocide

Not sure whether Styx is trolling or high on something, but this clip is interesting, for various reasons perhaps best not to get into here... 

Give me copper or give me heat death

The demand for copper will have surged by 250% in the car industry by the year 2030. The reason? Electric cars. Which are touted as the solution to the climate crisis by sectors of the establishment.

Thus, in order to save the world, we need copper. And lots of it! Which means we need copper mines. And lots of them. In Sweden, that means Lappland. You know, the pristine wilderness area in the north inhabited by wolves, wolverines, caribou and some recalcitrant Saami Natives (who use gasoline to their snowmobiles and want to exterminate the wolves). Coming soon to an area the local Sierra Club wants to save: yuge copper mining operations!

But don´t worry. Apparently, mines can be electrified, too. So who knows? Maybe we *can* save the world, after all.
Next question.

Oh, wait, you are *against* copper mining cuz pristine wilderness or something? There´s the door. Eco-fascist!

Copper demand to surge

Friday, September 27, 2019

How dare you?!

Special envoy of Sun King Macron reams out lazy leftists of "Workers Party" in Brazil, demands swift and decisive action against destruction of Amazon!

Brasilia, mega-metropolis of Comtean Positivism and Spiritualist Satanism of Kardec, MUST BURN IN BRONZE AGE FIRE!

RT if you agree!

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Alla kristna kreationister, se hit!

Neeeeeeeej, nu kommer pingstkyrkan och Livets Ord att få vatten på sina väderkvarnar, STOP THIS NOW IMMIDIATELY SOMEONE!

Universums ålder: det är någonting som inte stämmer!

För att inte tala om Ted Grant och Alan Woods...

Penguins in the vortex

The ruler of Earth takes a closer look at a dying species...

The next intelligent species to emerge on our planet will probably be a highly evolved penguin with the looks of a whale and the brains of a Buddhist.

Or so Lord Maitreya told me when he temporarily materialized in my room on his way to Sukhavati (in the true West). 

I suppose that means the story has a happy ending after all... 


Soylent green is GLOBAL WARMING

Global warming ("the greenhouse effect") is mentioned in a 1973 science fiction classic, "Soylent Green". Scary, considering the rest of the plot...

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Fringe of the fringe, and then some

The absolutely most strange and crazy religious (“religious”?) viewpoint I ever came across (and lets face it, the competition out there is pretty stiff) is known as Israel Only Full Preterism (simply abbreviated IO). The teaching goes something like this…

The Bible is more or less authentic, but deals with Israel only. The prophecies about salvation are thus true enough, but only apply to the ancient Israelites or Jews. Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. Further, all prophecies in the Holy Scriptures have already been fulfilled. The Second Advent of Jesus Christ took place in AD 70. The wicked were punished, while the righteous were resurrected and lifted up with the Lord to Heaven. That is, the righteous Jews.

Since this time, God has ceased to be interested in Earth or humanity. He has finished saving the people he wanted to save, and that is that. The rest of us (including post-AD 70 Jews) are stuck on this rock forever, or rather until we die, at which point we will simply be dead forever, since no immortal soul exists. Presumably, our bodies will be eaten by worms, and so forth.

Apparently, many people who held this curious view have become Deists or even atheists. That does seem to be the logical conclusion of this line of thinking.

Personally, I´ve came to the conclusion that the Messiah will arrive 5.6 billion years into the future, and save everyone who is still standing, Jew, Gentile or telekinetic raccoon, but that´s me…

A message from Lord Maitreya

Don´t listen to this based pessimist "Ashtar Command" and his constant cries about copper mining, neodymium geopolitics or whatever preoccupies his Mara-infested pessimistic Non-Mind this kalpa.

If you are really tired of this puny little rock in outer space (I mean, I can´t even find Sukhavati using you as my reference point), just pray to me and you will be with me in Tushita Heaven already today. 

Then, none of this copper wiring stuff will mean anything to you. 

Either that, or you could join the nearest hippie commune and grow your own vegetables. Really.

Let them eat electric cars

George W Bush inspecting a "hybrid" vehicle, LOL

I already linked to something similar two weeks ago, but here we go again!

Paved in copper? The "renewable energy" hoax

Climate kids in London, happily oblivious to copper mining situation

Paved in copper

The above is a laudatory article from 2016 about renewable energy. Curiously, the article admits that wind, solar and electric cars need copper wiring - and lots of it - to work. 

What the article doesn´t say is where the copper is mined...

How about poor Third World nations such as the Congo or Zambia? Or supposedly pristine wilderness areas such as Lapland in Sweden and Finland...

The radical Greens who want wind and solar, also want to save the Sami, the Natives of Lapland, and the pristine wilderness. I assume they don´t want to super-exploit Africa, either.

In other words, the math doesn´t add up. 

Just as a side point, I also noticed that the radical Greens oppose hunting of wolves, bears and foxes. So when the chips are down, they are not particularly pro-Sami either. The Sami want the predators gone, since they threaten their reindeer flocks... 

Being a radical Green can´t be easy. Which may or may not explain why they want to legalize cannabis!

And no, I´m not a brownlash cornucopian. I´m just the old grumpy guy in the background pointing out what we are really up against. 

Why Greenland will become American

I think it has already been established that Donald Trump wasn´t loco when he wanted to purchase Greenland from Denmark. But in case you missed it, part of the reason can be found in the article linked above. 

The United States need rare earth metals. So does the rest of the world economy. REM´s are used in everything from military technology to Android phones. Most of the world´s REM production is controlled by the People´s Republic of China. It´s obvious that the Trump administration wants to reverse the long-standing American policy of catering to the Chinese. The next Cold War might take place between Washington and Beijing, rather than the more "logical" US-Russian confrontation. 

This means that the US would have to secure its REM demand in other ways than purchasing it from China. This explains US interest in making a deal with North Korea, suspected of having the world´s largest REM deposists outside China. It also explains the sudden interest in Greenland.

China actually wanted to buy an abandoned port facility on Greenland, something that surprised me to no end until I did some reading on REMs. Yes, you´ve guessed it, there are enormous quantities of these trinkets on the god-forsaken island. So that´s why the Chinese were interested. That´s also why the United States want to control Greenland wholesale, rather than through their Danish NATO vassals. Who knows who will be in power in Denmark in 10 years or so?

The article linked above is about the projected mine at Kvanefjeld in southern Greenland. In addition to rare earth minerals, uranium will be mined there, too. In the event that the nuclear power industry will expand in the future, this will also prove significant. 

Let´s be brutally honest here. In 2050, Greenland will be an Unicorporated US Territory sorting under the Department of Mineral Extraction and Resource War. 

Let´s just hope they won´t hunt those magnificent whales...  

The national interest in North Korea

Billions in the ground

The article linked to above is extremely interesting, and taken from a magazine published by one particular faction of the US foreign policy establishment, "The National Interest".

I always wondered why on earth Donald Trump has a virtual bromance with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the (supposedly) trigger-happy Red menace from the deepest unicorn caves around Pyongyang. Something tells me you wondered about this, too.

Well, it seems we don´t have to wonder anymore...

China controls 95% of the world´s rare earth mineral production. Rare earths are necessary for military technology and other forms of high tech, but ironically also for the "renewable energy" sector. All good and well if you have splendid relations with Beijing.

Trump doesn´t. This explains why he is interested in cultivating the North Korean regime. North Korea may have the world´s largest deposits of rare earth minerals outside China, most of it untapped. China, South Korea and Russia are all *very* interested in doing the tapping. The United States has simply jumped on the bandwagon. And while North Korea and China are allies, there could be some friction between them worth exploiting (although that´s probably material for another full article). 

Interestingly, since "The National Interest" seems to be Neo-Conservative in general orientation, the article linked to above proposes lifting sanctions against the DPRK and de facto recognize that Pyongyang is now a nuclear power. While this would make non-proliferation look like the sham it actually is, it would also make it possible for the US to throw its economic weight around and invest in large-scale mining operations in North Korea. 

Unless the Democrats (who are presumably pro-Chinese) undercut the Trump administration´s strategy, I think the above will happen.

Hopefully, there will also be a democratic revolution in North Korea and eventual reunification with the South... 

Bananrepubliken Sverige

När Donald Trump krävde att Stefan Löfvén skulle agera för att få ASAP Rocky frikänd, blev han tydligen avsnoppad av Löfvén som modigt förklarade att Sverige minsann har ett oberoende rättsväsende och därmed basta, Orange Man Bad you!

Sedan gick Löfvén med på allt annat Trump ville att han skulle göra...

Så modig var han, alltså. 

Next question!

Vad Löfvén och Trump egentligen talade om 

PS. Jag uttalar mig inte om huruvida Sverige och Ericsson ska sätta dit Kina och Huawei. Maybe, maybe not. Det jag reagerar på är en viss sorts medial dumhet, eller kanske naivitet. Lägg ner, Sverige har alltid tillhört västalliansen, möjligen med undantag för en viss Olof Palme... 

Självklart gjorde Löfvén som Trump beordrade. Ja, det kanske var *därför* Trump trodde att kan även kunde ta upp ASAP Rocky med den svenske kolonialguvernören. Kan man beställa lagstiftning från Sveriges regering kanske man kan få afro-amerikanska kändisar försatta på fri fot? I mean, why not?

Men *det*, Mr Orange Man, *det* är omöjligt cuz muh independent judiciary or something. 


"Raid Area 51" on Fox News (!)

This is about as far away as you can possibly get from the political crises looming in DC and elsewhere. But then, it seems these guys are actually having fun! 

Yesterday, two million people were supposed to storm the mysterious US military facility known as Area 51 in the Nevada Desert, where the Illuminati are stashing alien bodies with radiometric properties. Or whatever is the current absurd conspiracy theory about the place. 

It seems only about 20 people showed up, and most of them (as you can see from this Fox News segment) had no intention of storming anything, except maybe the local bar...

Everything is well in the world. And, I might add, the ten thousand worlds. 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Finally some good news

In 4 billion years, the sun will swallow the Earth and then collapse. Which I suppose is bad news. However, I´ve been reliably informed that the Maitreya Buddha will appear in 5.6 billion years and save all sentient beings by taking them to the Pure Land Paradise in the West. Which, if you chose to believe it, sounds like good news.

I´m a believer.

Of course, it also means that humanity and other Buddha-forsaken monads have been given 5.6 billion years to sort out their acts.

If *that* is good or bad news, I honestly don´t know…



One happy boy

Det var ju kul att någon var glad. Jag hoppas att Kadhammar är lika glad åt att västvärlden kommer att bli beroende av sällsynta jordartsmetaller från Kina och Nordkorea, att hela Lappland grävs upp i jakten på mer koppar och att fler barnarbetare i Kongo exploateras, att fler fattiga svälter ihjäl när deras mat blir biobränsle, och att kärnkraften kraftigt byggs ut (t.ex i Iran). Det är nämligen vad som krävs för att "bryta oljeberoendet".

Såvida inte Peter Kadhammar vill gå tillbaka till stenåldern och gå några holmgångar med neandertalare, sabeltandade katter och grottlejon.

Vilket jag misstänker att han inte vill göra.


"Jag gläds åt oljeattacken i Saudiarabien"

Of course they are drones

The US Navy has released supposed UFO footage and claims that they can´t explain whatever is on it. From Tucker Carlson Show!

Those of us who have been reading John Michael Greer´s "The UFO Phenomenon" know what´s REALLY going on.

The US Navy wants to send a message to the Chinese and the Russians. Either "we know they are yours, and yes, we´ve seen them" or "they are ours, look at what we got". What better way to hide in plain sight than "disclosing UFOs"? It could also be a psychological experiment on the public, or an attempt to deflect attention from top secret drones inadvertently exposed by well-meaning UFO researchers.

Well, at least we know that our boys really have state of the art arms technology and can save Saudi Arabia (and the world oil prices) if the going gets tough down there…

And yes, Roswell was a weather balloon.

Musen som tjöt

Muhammad, jag har hört att BDSM-fansen klagar på dej igen...

Lisa Magnusson ryter ifrån i DN. Och på ledarplats dessutom! The Bondage Queen hötter med pekfingret mot en miljard muslimer och säger "aja baja bäää, ni måste MODERNISERA". På vilket det lilla fåtal muslimer som läser DN ironiskt kommer att svara: "Jaha".

På annan plats i DN försvarar Wolodarski elsparkcykeln. Det var ju bra att NÅGON på redaktionen tar tag i de VERKLIGT viktiga frågorna...

Islam måste modernisera. Or something

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Only in Finland (part 2)

It seems I never linked to this before. Just another day in Finland, our (Sweden´s) old-fashioned neighbor in the east. 

The clip is great fun, especially so since I was the resident "Great Pyrenees hater" on Amazon a few years ago. I got a lot of pushback from Great Pyr owners who claimed that their vicious guard dogs were really nice to kids, other dogs, and so on. (Before eating them?)

Like we never heard that one before, LOL. 

Only in Finland

Not sure why everyone thinks this guy is extremely brave, first it´s a very young bear, almost a cub, secondly, it does *not* run away from the man´s property. 

Next time, Mama is gonna come around for the Sisu Man´s nutritious sauna garbage, and then what? 

I don´t think a "Perkele Saatana" will solve that situation, although I suppose the old vet could always go "full Winter War" on the Queen of the Kalevala Woodlands...

I´m betting on Mama. 

Kal Niranjan did nothing wrong

So according to Sant Mat, Radhasoami or whatever, the material world but also the enchanting and alluring astral realms (in which we can attain siddhi powers) were created by the evil Demiurge Kal or Kal Niranjan. 


I say that makes Kal the good guy. We certainly seem to be having a great deal of fun down here! Especially if "down below" includes the astral realms in which the mystic can do whatever he freaking likes...

What if I don´t *want* to leave the astral to merge with the Oceanic Sound Current of Brahman? I mean, do you?

Let´s stay down here forever. 

Covfefe: The triumph of the Chosen One

Donald Trump has apparently been coronated King of Israel or some crazy shit like that, and thanked the guy who crowned him?! Ahem, this *is* trolling, right?

Murray Bookchin is the man

So I just read Murray Bookchin´s “Listen, Marxist!” from 1969 and “A Discussion on `Listen, Marxist!´” from 1970. Don´t ask me why – I´m completely uninterested in far left polemics. But then, I have nothing special to do this evening (local time), so I thought, why not? I admit that I found them richly entertaining! Especially since Bookchin in a somewhat later incarnation began to attack “lifestyle anarchists”, attacks taken even further by his admirer Chaz Bufe in a pamphlet entitled “Listen, Anarchist!”. Judging by his early anarchist output, Bookchin was himself a “lifestyle anarchist” of sorts back in 1969-70, expressing strong support for drop-outs, déclassé youth, people who refuse to work, and so on. In plain English: hippies.

It seems Murray Bookchin was once the man!

Nor was he particularly original. The ideas found in the two texts were standard fair at the time. The traditional working class and its organizations have been co-opted by capitalism and are bickering with the employers within the confines of the hierarchic and authoritarian bourgeois system. Economic crises have been abolished by a fusion of state, capital and high technology. The next revolution will therefore be directed against hierarchy and authority as such, rather than class exploitation specifically. Indeed, the revolution will be triggered as much by the boredom of everyday life and the longing for Utopia, as by concrete manifestations of oppression and domination. No single revolutionary class exists anymore – rather, the new forms of social domination turn people from all classes and social strata into rebels against the system. Young people who say “no” to regimented factory work, or refuse to work at all, are positive examples. So are people fighting “sexual repression” and the like. There are a lot of attacks on “the work ethic” in these texts. Bakunin is said to have foretold the bourgeois degeneration of the industrial working class, while regarding uprooted rural people and lumpenized urbanites as the real revolutionary forces. Bookchin seems to regard Bakunin as correct on this point as against Marx.

Ironically for a future eco-socialist, Bookchin´s ideas about technology and the environment turn out to be extremely confused. He believes that Marxism emerged in a society of scarcity and that its revolutionary strategy is based on this fact. However, today the Western world has reached a state of post-scarcity. This makes a libertarian revolution possible, since the masses will simply overthrow the oppressive structures and then go on living their lives as they please, with no particular problems of production and distribution needed to be taken care of?! Here, Bookchin really sounds like a spoiled middle class hippie who doesn´t understand where all the affluence (his affluence) comes from. It´s just there for the taking…

Despite his implicit support for high tech, Bookchin nevertheless supports the decentralist perspective of classical anarchism. But if capitalism and state power had been decentralized 100 years ago by a successful string of anarchist revolutions, high technology of the kind we have today wouldn´t have been developed, and hence no super-abundance or post-scarcity would exist. It´s amazing that Bookchin doesn´t see this. One also wonders what he thinks of, say, oil imports, coal mining, nuclear power, huge hydro-electric dams and other large-scale projects necessary to sustain the “post-scarcity” condition, large-scale projects impossible without the fusion of capital and the state he attacks at other times. Weirdly, when Bookchin discusses the Third World, he patronizingly assumes that of course Third World peoples don´t want our high standard of living (!), so in those nations, low level technology with an ecological profile is much better than the kind of high tech which exists in the Western world. I sure wonder how he explained mass immigration from the Third World to the United States!

The revolutionary strategy favored by Bookchin is the creation of “affinity groups”. Such groups probably appeal to counter-cultural people and tend to give The Movement a distinctly sub-cultural (even slightly cultic) flair, but can they really appeal to workers, or indeed anyone with a normal lifestyle? Somehow I doubt it, and yet Bookchin admits that a revolution can´t succeed without winning over the majority of the population, including the majority of the working class. In typical anarchist fashion, he extols the spontaneity of the masses and argues at length that all real revolutions have been spontaneous, the “vanguard parties” often lagging behind the masses. He fails to notice that the much-vaunted spontaneity wasn´t enough to stop Kerensky from hi-jacking the February Revolution, or the People´s Front from hi-jacking the Spanish Revolution. It certainly was of little use against the Bolsheviks, when they were firmly in saddle! It struck me when reading “Listen, Marxist!” that the bourgeoisie can very easily derail a “radical” movement of the kind described by Bookchin by injecting a large dose of left-liberalism and “libertarianism” into the capitalist system. Indeed, this is *exactly what they have indeed done*, making all the hippies vote Obama or Ms Clinton instead of fighting the power through affinity groups (and, I suppose, group sex collectives). Spontaneity is no match to clever social engineering, it seems…

I´m not saying everything in these old pamphlets is wrong. Bookchin did have a point when describing the Western working class as inherently non-revolutionary. He was right when attacking the system in the Soviet Union, or the dogmatism of the Maoist and Trotskyist groups. The problem is his anarchistic alternative: to organize (or non-organize?) marginal groups with little or no social power (from disaffected campus youth to welfare mothers), having no real strategy to win over the working class, racial and ethnic “minority” groups, and so on. I say this as a former leftist. Today, I couldn´t care less about a strategy for socialist revolution or anarcho-communism! As for Murray Bookchin, he must have revised his political strategy at some later point, when he developed Social Ecology and Libertarian Municipalism. The latter strategy, despite its revolutionary pretensions, is really reformist, with its weird infatuation with New England town meetings (although I suppose it´s possible many former hippies lived in rural Vermont). Social Ecology, ironically given Bookchin´s attacks on Marxist dogmatism, sounds like just another form of…er, Marxist dogmatism, a kind of Marxism-Bookchinism if you like. And as the anarcho-primitivists never tired of pointing out, Bookchin´s view of high technology remained remarkably naïve, since he apparently believed that a global high tech system could be “self-managed” by some kind of “workers´ councils”.

It seems the old hippie eventually grew up. Well, so did we. And the world moved on…

Saturday, September 7, 2019

I found the solution to the Remoaner chaos

Sooooo, the House of Lords Cavaliers voted against Brexit, well, I think I know the solution to that one... 

Pax Quaeritur Bello! 

Friday, September 6, 2019

Varför jag stödjer Brexit

Okej, jag erkänner. Jag hatar engelsmän. Antagligen bögar allihopa. Skottar också. Snåla jävlar med jakobitiska tatueringar under kilten. Walesare (hur fan stavas det) med sitt obegripliga jävla skitspråk som de tror är romantiskt. Och så Nordirland, please…

Just därför stödjer jag Brexit. Enligt DN, AB och alla andra experter så kommer alla i "Förenade Kungariket" att helt enkelt DÖÖÖÖÖ av svält, pest, umbäranden av alla de slag, och givetvis bristen på polska hemtjänstflickor.

Och är det någonting jag velat länge så är det att alla dessa förenade kungarikare (som inte ens har en skriven konstitution, än mindre en republik) bara ska ramla ner i kaninhålet och försvinna.

Nu har chansen äntligen kommit.

För en Halloween Brexit utan avtal den 31 oktober!

Thursday, September 5, 2019

In Lovecraft´s land

A couple of Lovecraft-themed ghost stories from Maine, New England.

The left bank of the Amazon

A leftist critique of Bolsonaro...and the hue and cry over Bolsonaro from people who really support his neo-liberal market reforms. From something called "Brasil Wire" (a site I´m not otherwise familiar with).

The Amazon´s neo-colonial problem

The enduring limits to growth

One of the authors of the classic "Limits to Growth" lectures 47 years later.

It seems the next 10 or 15 years will be the decisive ones to really judge whether LTG was bunk or prophecy.

That is, we might get a steep decline beginning in 2030, or Julian Simon and Ayn Rand might be resurrected by zombie nano-bots and inaugurate a new Golden Age of plenty, bounty and protein-rich locusts bred on Greenland with the help of really cold fusion power.

I think you know what option I´m betting on, but sure, I could have missed some exponential techno-variable…

How to become invisible

Interesting, but with all due respect to Thomas Sheridan, this is obviously a hallucination. If nobody noticed Crowley as he was walking down the street in Tijuana all-nude, that´s not because he was invisible, that´s because everyone else was even more stoned than he was! :D

Greta Thunberg = Agent of Gaddafi?

Thomas Sheridan on the attack against Greta Thunberg again. For discussion purposes only.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

The grizzlies are coming

There is a lot of material like the above on YouTube about Charles Vandergaw, a retired school teacher and former bear hunter turned "bear whisperer". Frankly, the man was crazier than Timothy Treadwell, but in contrast to the latter, Vandergaw was never killed and eaten by the bears, some of which were real grizzlies (inland brown bears in Alaska). I consider this to be scary shit, and Vandergaw was sentenced to pay a huge fine since Alaskan state authorities absolutely prohibit feeding of bears by humans. That being said, I admit a certain fascination with, ahem, bears, so there you go... 

Chill, bro, I don´t want to kill you

I have no particular comment to this, please note that links don´t imply endorsement. This is Thomas Sheridan, the man who warned us about `Oumuamua, now warning us about...Greta Thunberg!

For the record, I also fear righteous eco-terrorism, although I doubt very much Greta will be The One triggering it... 

I think eco-terrorism will happen the moment the "green" establishment makes a U-turn away from Green politics, and towards electric cars, nuclear power and such stuff, leaving the younger activists feeling betrayed. 

If this co-incides with an economic depression and a new Cold War (against China or Russia), plus the continued rise of populism, the social climate likely to trigger a violent counter-reaction from the more mercurial subsets of the "woke" middle classes will be present.

At that point, Greta Thunberg will (of course) condemn the violence. Indeed, she might be quietly forgotten by the establishment media long before this situation arises.

I also think Sheridan has his religious comparisons wrong. The best analogy I can think of is that Greta Thunberg is a secular "fool for Christ", a crazy saint allowed to scold the rich and the powerful, who pretend to love her precisely because of her scolding, but then sends her away and continues like before! See: Basil Fool for Christ and Ivan the Terrible. 

Personally, I hope we can still save our modern Western asses, if not, I suppose it´s time to dust off that old dragon ship design and go full ancient-Germanic... 

The bully pulpit

Time to emulate TR and his gunboat diplomacy, send the French navy to Brazil, occupy the Amazon and make it safe for resource conservation. Or go one step further, and make it off limits John Muir style. 

Also, make sure to protect the European beef cows. 

No, carbon capture doesn´t work either

Does carbon capture and sequestration really work? It seems neither Robert Bryce, Vaclav Smil nor Al Gore (!) believes it. See this link and despair:

The dismal failure of carbon capture and sequestration

Why climate action flopped at the G7

My "favorite cornucopian" Robert Bryce on why climate change flopped at the recent G7 summit. Bryce calls for replacing oil and coal with natural gas and nuclear power, hoping that this could save the day (and hopefully the climate). Electric cars are out! I previously reviewed some of his books. And while I am more pessimistic than citizen Bryce, I can only hope that *something* will turn the situation around. If not...well, we can always go back to building Viking dragon ships, I suppose!