Friday, August 31, 2018

The republic of nowhere

Another Rottweiler on a fake Russian stamp...

The real life "Koriakia" (Koryaksky Okrug) is an administrative region of Kamchatka in Eastern Russia. It doesn't issue any postage stamps. All sets of stamps from "Koriakia" are bogus and considered illegal by Russian postal authorities (and, I suppose, the secret police).

In this case, the bogus nature of the stamp is pretty easy to spot: the name of the region is given in English, the name is erroneous even in translation, and the symbol in the lower right-hand corner is actually that of scouting, presumably included to give the stamp an "international" flair.

I don't mind bogus or half-bogus stamps - they are pretty interesting, in their own kind of way - but people should at least know what they are getting. Don't try to sell this to a serious collector of Russian stamps!
May the rottweiler eat everyone who disagrees...

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