Wednesday, August 29, 2018

They should have been clowns

A review of "Deluxe" featuring Arabesque. Sandra later became a real pop star! 

“Hello, hello Mr. Monkey, you're so fast and funky, Hello, hello, Mr. Monkey, you should have been a clown”. With that kind of lyrics, you can probably make out the rest of the concept. Yepp, it's German “disco” (so called), circa 1980. I'm not sure why some people compare this to Baccara or ABBA, puleeze, Arabesque is much worse, in fact they are worse than Dschinghis Khan! Perhaps you could call Arabesque unintentionally funny? Even the names of the band members are hilarious: Sandra, Jasmin and Michaela. Hilariously ugly, too. Sandra later became a real pop disco star, and even later became involved in some kind of New Age stuff (both projects together with Michael Cretu). I'm not sure what happened to Jasmin and Michaela, but perhaps they joined Mr Monkey at some circus? HA HA HA.

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