Thursday, August 30, 2018

Apocrypha 2000

A review I posted on Amazon, of a Swedish Bible translation.

This is the “liberal”, historical-critical Swedish Bible translation, often referred to as Bibel 2000.

“The young woman shall conceive”, the disciples didn't “worship” Jesus, a mighty wind rather than God's Spirit hovered over the waters, and Isaiah asks (rather than boldly proclaims) if our sins can be forgiven. Some parts of the Psalms have been left untranslated, since the manuscript evidence is deemed to thin. At least in some editions, there are also a lot of critical notes with variant readings, etc.

It's almost a sport to spot the remaining conservative passages. I think Junia is still a man, and that Hebrews still sound Trinitarian. Well! The Apocrypha (expunged from the 1917 translation) stage a comeback in Bibel 2000. That's of course Lutheran orthodoxy.

I'm not opposed to historical-critical translations like this one, but a serious student should nevertheless procure theologically conservative or traditional translations, if only to find out what generations of Christians *assume* that the Bible is saying.
That would be SFB and the 1917 translation.

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