Monday, May 25, 2020

The god species

This is a funny video clip for school children (well, at least I *hope* it is intended for a younger demographic). I found it by accident the other day and realized that it clears up a really weird statement on Wiki about Argentine ants having created a super-colony that spans the entire world! Er, what? Wiki is clearly suffering from some kind of derangement syndrome, so thank god we have this little children channel readily accesible on our I-pods. 

It seems most Argentine ants outside Argentina *do* belong to a global super-colony, due to the fact that they are descended from a small number of genetically similar queens. This is apparently unprecedented even among ants. 

Let alone humans...

The social conquest of the Earth already happened. The catch is it wasn´t Homo deus, but Linepithema humile. 

Linepithema humile deus. 

Exorcizing the Flat Earth demon

Chaos magician Thomas Sheridan believes that some people who believe in the flat earth might be demon-possessed, and in this clip, actually carries out an exorcism to drive out said demon. 

He emphasizes in the commentaries that this is *not* a joke video, but a actual Druid-shamanic ritual. His main argument in the exorcism itself is that the flat earth looks like something taken from the UN flag! That´s true, and since the UN are supposed to be "Illuminati", how can a conspiracy theorist believe it? 

Unfortunately, I don´t think the argument will work on the die hards, since they might simply claim that the Illuminati UN flag *proves* the flat earth. Maybe spanking them with mistletoe will do the trick... 

Michael Tracey on Tara Reade

Michael Tracey is a liberal commentator who tries to play the role of "voice of reason" in current American discourse. Inevitably, he has therefore been attacked by essentially everyone: Clinton-Biden fans suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, Bernie Sanders fans suffering from Biden Derangement Syndrome, and now Trump fans suffering from Donald-itis. Are we to believe the talented Mr Tracey, Trump is no fascist authoritarian, Sanders didn´t lose because of election fraud but for other reasons more related to his own campaign, and Tara Reade isn´t credible when claiming that Joe Biden raped her. The article below was published in The Spectator on May 15.

Do you believe Tara Reade?

There is also a follow up in this more recent YouTube clip.

The paranoid style in American politics

From Jimmy Dore Show. Simply hilarious take on the Russian collusion narrative. And yes, it´s a conspiracy theory. Note how one of its main promoters now claim that somehow Russia is behind *the conspiracy theory about Russia*. Whaaaat???

This truly is "the paranoid style in American politics". How ironic that the paranoia is being spread by supposedly enlightened liberals!

End of the line for "Russiagate"

Jimmy Dore Show on the end of Russiagate. Four years of shit...debunked! Excellent overview of the only conspiracy theory *liberals* are allowed to believe in. Yet, it´s not included in the standard surveys of bad-bad-bad conspiracy theories. I sure wonder why.

It will be interesting to see what they say about this in another four years. Not to mention all the other claptrap they´ve been peddling lately. None mentioned, but none forgotten. My guess is that they will deny any of this ever happened, and accuse people like me of spreading conspiracy theories about liberal conspiracy theories!

My head hurts already. 

And then they just start lying about something else instead. 

Waking cosmos, infinite mind

Donald Hoffman discusses his theories about the universe being an "infinite mind". It´s part of the same series as the interview with Rupert Sheldrake I linked to in a previous blog post. I might come back to Hoffman in the near future, but for now, I will just link to Waking Cosmo´s conversation with him. Enjoy! 

Rupert Sheldrake is The Man

This is the long interview with Rupert Sheldrake, scientific heresiarch extraordinaire and black sheep of biochemistry, apart from also being a process philosopher and therefore a panentheist. In other, on another quantum time line! 

I don´t have the time to write a summary of the interview here and now (I might consider doing it at some later time in another post), but since the conversation speaks for itself, you might as well start listening to it right away... 

Rupert Sheldrake is The Man.


This is one of the funnier clips on YouTube. The otherwise unknown Justin Wolfson has exactly *one* clip on the forum, and yet almost 4,000 subscribers. 

The reason is that his sole clip is about DMT, a psychedelic substance which seems to be very much in vogue right now, some people even calling it "atheist-changing". Apparently, a DMT trip can turn a life-long atheist into a believer in the supernatural in little under 10 minutes. 

Wolfson simply shared his experiences with DMT-induced visions, and the YouTube commentariat went ablaze! I admit that it´s fascinating. The astral world has never been more fun... 

But perhaps a bit too New Age for my theological tastes!

Indigo denial

A look into the strange American subculture (of course it´s American) called "Indigo children". Connected to the New Age scene, Indigo children are said to be highly gifted, spiritual and perhaps even psychic individuals sent by Source (or whoever New Age believers think is out there) to save the world (no less). Everyone else think they have ADHD or ADD...

Which is probably the correct explanation. What I found most disturbing about this milieu is how parents in denial are brain-washing their kids into thinking that they really are some kind of supernatural geniuses. Otherwise, there is a lot of cringe in this VICE documentary. There is the "holistic dentist" in New York that uses tuning forks for reasons best known to themselves. We also get to meet a family where the son clearly states (in front of everyone) that his sister isn´t special, much to the shock and dismay of the New Age mother, who regards her as a Messiah-like Indigo. Weirdly, there is also a Black hip hop band within the Indigo community! 

I think it´s obvious what´s going on here. In America, nobody can afford being a failure, so therefore every disability has to be redefined as a hidden superpower or new "identity". Which in this case is somewhat ironic, since people with these conditions *can* succeed, given the right stimuli (and in some cases, treatment). Perhaps the problem isn´t so much the kids, as the parents, who feel like "failures" just because their children aren´t 100% Made in Amerika Super Duper, according to the stereotypes 20 years ago?

Not really my cup of ice tea, I´m afraid, but it does work as a very short introduction to this particular subculture. 

Not everyone get machine elves

An interesting excerpt from a longer interview with David Luke, who researches the "atheist-changing" psychedelic drug DMT. 

Many believe, or want to believe, that the vivid visionary experiences during DMT trips can prove the supernatural worldview and the existence of a spirit-world. Luke claims that many such experiences are not contaminated by previous cultural or personal expectations - which, unfortunately, could be very difficult to prove objectively. 

And yes, he mentions our old friends the "mantis aliens"...