Sunday, October 20, 2019

Hue and cry over the Turkish invasion

Our dear leaders (and their media pundit hangers-on) are very worried about ISIS terrorists escaping from the Kurdish prisons in northern Syria and somehow getting back to Europe.


It was no problem last time around. When ISIS actually attacked civilian targets in Europe, our leaders and their media pundit hangers-on bravely told us to do...nothing. Cuz Islamophobia. Or something.

They also told us to give welfare payments and jobs to returning ISIS "fighters". So why are they suddenly so afraid now? 

Note also that these people really want to overthrow Assad in favor of Al-Qaeda (i.e. an organization only slightly more civilized than ISIS). Their support for a Communist Kurdish guerilla in northern Syria feels a bit forced...

Also, our dear leaders and pundits are very angry at Erdogan for threatening to send 3 million refugees to the European Union. But why is *that* suddenly a problem? They didn´t have any trouble giving asylum to the 3 million Erdogan, Iran and Afghanistan sent five years ago!

I think I know what´s really going on here. Look at the pic above and draw your own conclusions. Clue: Yes, they simply want to embarass Donald Trump, neither more nor less. 

The world they really want is a open border dystopia with terrorists killing our children, lower taxes for the rich and the corporations, "green austerity" and higher taxes for the rest of us, and a caliphate in Syria living off American blood money. 

I´ve seen through your filthy lies, dear leaders and pundits, and if you think I´m going to vote for any of your false candidates in any future election...think again! 

Hell, I might even riot. 

Clown World goes to Kurdistan

I happen to think that US troops should stay in northern Syria. But then, I´m not a revolutionary hard leftist of the anarcho-Antifa type. 

So how do *they* justify the cooperation between the SDF and the US military? Isn´t there something positively *weird* about a Soviet republic defended by Donald Trump´s troops? Clown World indeed... 

Perhaps the Antifas will sleep better if and when the SDF Murray Bookchin Brigade will unite its forces with Bashar Assad and the Hizbollah. Then the Kurds will once again be firmly in the anti-imperialist camp. 

Order restored. 

Perhaps they owe Orange Man some thanks. 

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Starship Troopers

The Chuvash language (spoken in Chuvashia, a "republic" within the Russian Federation) is fascinating. I almost fell from my chair when I heard this clip for the first time, screaming something incoherent about Pan-Turanianism being true. LOL! 

Seriously, though, to an outsider Chuvash does sound like a mixture of Turkish and Finnish, although the presently accepted theory is that it´s an Oghuz Turkic language later influenced by the Uralic-speaking neighbours of the Chuvash people. 

Well, at least we finally found the origins of that Turko-Finnish starship trooper mentioned in one of Heinlein´s classical novels. So he was Chuvash all this time... 

The Fourth Turning of the Dharma

Tulsi Gabbard is KALKI AVATARA, tenth incarnation of the Lord Bhagawan Vishnu! Kalki is not man on white horse, but SCYTHIAN AMAZON riding hammerhead shark off Hawaiian coast! 

Zombie Shillary doesn´t know what she is up against, she might be WITCH QUEEN OF NARNIA but nothing can stop the Fourth Turning of Bhagawan!

Come at me, Shillary, tweet at me!

A Swedish mystic

“Mäster Fritz. En svensk mystiker” (or “Mäster Fritz.” with a dot at the end) is a peculiar work by Åke Åredal, of whom relatively little is known. The book is only available in Swedish. I honestly don´t know how to review it without sounding unnecessarily harsh on both the author and his chosen topic, but the tome *is* very, very strange.

Åredal claims to have discovered a spiritual master, a certain Master Fritz (Mäster Fritz in Swedish). His real name was Fritz Olofsson. He was born in 1929 and died in 2008. Åredal hardly met him and spoke to him over the phone only once. Thus, the book is based on reminiscences of other people. He also exegetes Fritz Olofsson´s only book, “En mystik troslära” at some length. Clearly, Åredal was touched by Master Fritz, but even his sympathetic portrait of the man and his work cannot hide the fact that Olofsson was – by all standard metrics – completely insane.

Olofsson was probably heavily autistic. He had very little social life, spent most of his waking hours procuring and reading rare books on mysticism, walked in a weird way oblivious to the outside world, and constantly showed up at public examinations of doctoral candidates in Uppsala, where he pestered all and sundry by long-winding interventions about mysticism. The Uppsala university library eventually banned him from borrowing any more books (he borrowed too many) and the local vendors didn´t like him either, since he insisted on reading every magazine at the newsstand without paying for it. It seems he even read soft porn mags, and had a childish infatuation with “The Phantom”. Olofsson was completely incapable of taking care of himself, including basic things such as washing, grooming or ironing shirts. According to Åredal, Master Fritz lived in a permanent “mystical state” since around the age of 30. I don´t rule out anything, but alternative explanations do come to mind, including some kind of kundalini-like psychotic break (compare U G Krishnamurti). His constant repetitions of mantras as he was walking around doesn´t sound very sane either, and even Åredal at one point wonders whether the Master may have used his vast knowledge of mysticism as a kind of coping mechanism from an uncomprehending and cold world…

I never read “En mystik troslära”, but judging from Åredal´s extensive exegesis of the volume, Master Fritz was a rather typical impersonalist mystic. In India, he would be considered a follower of Shankara and Advaita Vedanta. Nominally, Fritz was a Christian, indeed, he was technically speaking an ordained priest in the Church of Sweden, but was incapable of actually functioning as such expect for very brief periods. His Bible interpretation was extremely allegorical, and seems to have virtually no connection at all to any Christian tradition. The goal of the mystic is to realize his oneness with “God” (or “It” or “The All”), the true meaning of the famous phrase “I am who I am”. Once realizing this, the mystic doesn´t have to leave the world. He can stay within it, since he knows that all is God. Evil is an illusion, and so is isolation from God. Suffering comes about when we don´t realize that we´re constantly in God. Indeed, suffering is a necessary purification of the soul on its way back to God-realization. God creates in two phases. The “exhalation” phase creates the material world, the “inhalation” phase reunites everything and everyone with God. It is this process of reuniting which causes friction, suffering and “evil”. I readily admit that I don´t vibrate with this kind of message at all… Apart from the usual stuff, Fritz Olofsson also expounded at length at the meaning of certain mystical (?) symbols, including a grid of nine points and a curiously shaped cross adorning the church tower of his native village. This is the reason, I think, why the author chose to call his book “Mäster Fritz.” with the dot (point) at the end.

Fritz Olofsson´s impact on Church life and theology in Sweden was virtually non-existent. He had certain contacts with Hans Hof, a mystic and Swedish priest influenced by Zen Buddhism. He was also a member of the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius, an Orthodox-dominated group promoting dialogue between Eastern Orthodoxy and the Protestant churches. Åke Åredal seems to be one of the few people who were seriously influenced by the old eccentric. While Åredal is probably a Christian, his book is distributed by the Theosophical Society Adyar and published by a small New Age press called Siljans Måsar. They have published several other books on the “autistic and mentally handicapped people are really deeply spiritual” theme. (I admit that I don´t like it.) One problem with “Mäster Fritz.” is that Åredal frequently inserts his own interpretations of Olofsson´s message at various points in the work. It´s not always obvious when the Master ends and the Disciple begins. The book is also written in a weirdly pedantic style and could have needed better editing.

I´m not sure how to rate this curious work, but had this been an Amazon review, I would probably give it three stars for the contents but only two stars for the style.

Down and out at Aftonbladets redaktion

En bisarr artikel i Aftonbladet som starkt insinuerar att Tulsi Gabbard (en vänsterliberal demokrat) i själva verket är en agent för Ryssland som stöds av högerextremister. Har Aftonbladet totalt tappat det, eller vad?

Hillary Clinton attackerar Tulsi Gabbard

Friday, October 18, 2019

Wait a sec, I assumed the Druids were the GOOD guys

I promised to link to John Michael Greer´s Satanically eco-fascist evil evilly evilly denials of the climate emergency, so heeeere goes...

Heating Up the Political Climate

Excellent, my young apprentice

I never heard of Peter Handtke before the Swedish Academy (what´s left of it) decided to award him the Nobel literature prize, but apparently the man is universally regarded as an apologist for genocide and other war crimes during the Bosnian war, and a hero of the "Alt Right" to boot.


This way, the Swedish Academy will *completely* destroy its reputation. First the rape scandals around Whatever His Name Was and now this.

Excellent, my young apprentice, excellent!

I know that the Peace Prize has nothing to do with the poor Academy, but it is richly ironic (and somewhat iconic) that Handtke gets a Nobel medal while Greta Thunberg didn´t.

Where da pop corn at?

Climate emergency

A racially integrated crowd of working class people attack the well-dressed middle class "anarchists" from Extinction Rebellion (XR). The riot took place in London. Scenes like this will repeat themselves over and over again during the coming decades. Or did you seriously think the proletariat would support higher gasoline taxes? LOL.

Next week, I expect the Antifas to attack the office of some copper mining, wait, we need more copper for those electric cars, naah, off to annoy the proles again, I suppose!

I´m pretty sure XR don´t support Brexit either.

Alternativhöger på frammarsch: först tog de över Svenska Akademin, och nu detta!

Assad tackar Expressens chefredaktör för stödet

Assad är den ende som kan skapa fred i Syrien

En oerhört anmärkningsvärd artikel, och dessutom i Expressen av alla tidningar! Har Expressen tagits över av alternativhögern? Först kritik av invandringspolitiken, och nu stöd till Baath-regimen i Damaskus. Vänsterns och arbetarrörelsens flaggskepp Aftonbladet vill däremot att USA ska fortsätta íntervenera (helst så blodigt som möjligt) i Mellersta Östern. Upp-och-ned-vända världen, eller vad?

PS. Det här inlägget kanske är *lite* ironiskt...