Friday, August 31, 2018

Jesus loves nerds, this I know, 'cause the binary tells me so

I took up reviewing slightly weird and Jesus-related products last year around Christmas time, and decided to take up the little tradition again. This is a funny poster, claiming that Jesus loves nerds. I haven't seen it (full disclosure), but I'm sure your nerdie friends wouldn't mind getting it for Xmas, LOL. The poster contains scribbles such as “Heaven will have a replica of Starship Enterprise”, “Jesus can read binary” or “Jesus has read the complete Lord of the Rings series five times”. You get the drift. The best one: “Jesus can finish a Rubik's cube in 0.03 seconds flat”. Geezus, they still *make* Rubik's cubes??? I'm old enough to remember the original craze. Or was it the second one? Well, I'm sure the Son of God can create them ex nihilo, so no problem there… ;-)

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