Wednesday, August 29, 2018

An Archdruid in the land of Dracula

I'm beginning to understand how John Michael Greer can finance that lavish, suburban lifestyle of his. Jokes aside, this is something as peculiar as a *Romanian* translation of a JMG tome. The book chosen for this rare honour is JMG's excellent "The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Societies", which I'm sure can be of considerable interest to the average readers in Bucharest, Transylvania or Moldova. No irony!

Of course, the book has a North American/West European angle, but considering "the black flood of occultism" that reached "Eastern" Europe after the fall of Communism (with commercial post-Communist bookstores selling everything from Hare Krishna oeuvres to works on Pyramidology), I think Romanian readers can benefit from reading a healthy, non-sensationalist, non-conspiracist book about Freemasons, Jacobins, Jacobites, Carbonari, Satanists, etc. The author is something of an autodidactic expert in this field, being a member of at least a dozen secret fraternities himself!

I say all this with the reservation that I haven't checked the quality of the Romanian translation, not being Romanian myself. Of course, if you understand the English lingo, you might want to procure the original version...

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