Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Save the panda

A song about Chinese food, with a video clip taped in a Mongolian restaurant, Japanese-style geishas dancing and a Nigerian rapper dressed in a panda costume?! Well, at least the panda is Chinese. Or, to be more specific, the Chinese live on the territory previously belonging to the panda. Ha ha ha. OK, if you take this with a *very* large grain of salt (or sweet sour sauce, or even, I suppose, sushi), this could actually be funny, although I found myself laughing mostly *at* Alison Gold and her producer Patrice Wilson. That's the guy in the panda suit, remember? As for this song being "offensive", come on, it's neither more nor less offensive than Speedy Gonzales! Recently dubbed "worst video of the year" by Yahoo News. Not so. This is actually better than Gold's and Wilson's other tunes!

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