Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Not for mushroom pickers, I'm afraid

A review of "Mycorrhizal Ecology" 

This is a technical-scientific book on mycorrhiza, especially mycorrhizal ecology. Recent breakthroughs in research are recorded. Typical chapter headings: "Transport of nutrients within the ecto-mycorrhizal fungal mycelium", "Foraging and resource allocation strategies of mycorrhizal fungi in a patchy environment", and "Mycorrhizal specificity and function in myco-heterotrophic plants". Get it?

I know what mycorrhiza is, of course. Come on, every child who reads books on mushrooms knows *that*. However, something tells me this book isn't "mere mycorrhiza", but goes much deeper. All the way to the roots?

Somehow, I feel left out of the guild. Clearly, the guys who wrote this tome weren't ordinary mushroom pickers!

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