Monday, August 27, 2018

Happy Holidays

“Christmas is something Obama can't take”. No, of course not. Why should he?

In North America, Christmas was prohibited by the Puritans in their New England colonies, since it was considered “pagan”. It became a federally established holiday only in 1870, by order of liberal president Ulysses S Grant (otherwise mostly known for mopping up the Confederacy during the Civil War). Still today, Christmas Day is a mandatory holiday for federal employees only. In other words, only people who work for the Eastern Liberal Establishment Illuminati Obamacare Conspiracy have guarantees that they can take some quality time off and spend it with their families.

Private employers don't have to observe Christmas Day. So if your employer is a Puritan (or a union-busting Jehovah's Witness)…tough!

Meanwhile, in liberal-socialist Sweden, the following days during the Christmas season are holidays: December 24, 25, 26, 31, January 1 and 6.

From this, I draw the conclusion that conservative Republicans are the worst choice for people who actually want to celebrate Christmas. So, once again I ask, why *should* Obama take the damn thing? He's more likely to extend the holidays, Illuminati-socialist-labour union-General Grant's Union style.

Happy Holidays! :P

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