Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Yes, roll-rims

I've already reviewed this item on another product page, but here we go again... ;-)

This is the English translation of an originally Swedish field guide to mushrooms or “larger fungi”. Originally, the work was in two volumes, the gill mushrooms being covered in the second (with the exception of roll-rims, spike caps and slime caps, which are taxonomically close to the boletes, and therefore covered in this first volume).

Later, an omnibus edition was published (at least in Sweden). The distinguished illustrator, Bo Mossberg, has also worked on a number of floras. The text is by Sven Nilsson and Olle Persson. Both are (were?) botanists specializing in…surprise…fungi. Although non-magical mushrooms aren't really my thing, any book illustrated by Mossberg is worth buying for that reason alone.

Did I mention that this volume covers roll-rims?

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