Thursday, September 27, 2018

The color green

The first of three volumes covering all species of mosses (yes, mosses) found in the Nordic lands. This one describes 262 species of the following orders: Buxbaumiales, Diphysciales, Timmiales, Encalyptales, Funariales, Bryoxiphiales, Grimmiales, Archidiales, Diacranales. Extremely boring, despite illustrations and photos in color. Mostly the green color, actually. But sure, I was shocked to realize that there are about 1,000 species of moss just in Sweden. I mean, they all look the same to me. But then, due to the super-abundant amount of mosquitoes, gnats, spiders, no-see-ums, no-want-ums, no-patience-with-ums, I usually never take a closer look! I assume these latter critters will be dealt with in future volumes of this mother lode of all cyclopedias, and then some?

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