Thursday, September 27, 2018

Wild caldera

“Wild Yellowstone” is a two-part documentary about animal life in the Yellowstone National Park. It's fascinating, and the area really does look like another planet! During the winter, even large waterfalls freeze to ice in Yellowstone, and the animals have to seek shelter near the hot springs (which can kill you if you get too close). The animals are all the usual ones: bears, the famed Yellowstone wolves, foxes, coyotes, ravens etc. If you like cuddlier creatures, I suppose otters and beavers might do. The “message” of the documentary seems to be that life in Yellowstone is hard, even during the summer, and we get more than our fair share of hunts, fights and other conflicts. If you like Bernd Heinrich's books, I suppose this could be for you (although the books are probably gorier still). My main objection to “Wild Yellowstone” is that the special effects made with the latest high tech cameras get annoying after a while! Still, I think five stars is the only option here…

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