Thursday, September 27, 2018

The truth shall set you free

“Nationalnyckeln” (NN) is a biological encyclopedia published in Sweden. Most of the text is indeed Swedish. The original bold ambition was to publish over 100 volumes, covering all (!) species of “higher” multi-cellular organism found in Sweden. The original project was discontinued in 2014 after only 17 volumes, however, but it seems NN is up and running again after a four-year hiatus. An 18th volume will be published next month, with some additional volumes projected in 2019. However, it's doubtful at the present time whether NN will ever reach its original goal (which may have been more ambitious than, say, a manned mission to Mars).

This volume was published in 2007 and covers the longhorn beetles (Cerambycidae). 128 species have been found, at some point, in the Nordic countries, and all of them are covered here – including the Alpine longhorn beetle (Rosalia alpina) which haven't been found at Scandzan territory since 1926. The Greater Capricorn Beetle has – but only at Halltorps hage at Öland, where its larvae live inside really old trees (which are now rapidly dying off). The beetle is abundant in the rest of the world, though, so I wouldn't worry too much!

This is frankly a spectacular volume, with large color illustrations, and a good collector's item. For a long time, we wondered about God's plan for the world and teleology in the cosmos. Now, the truth has been revealed.

God loves Nordic longhorn beetles. Including Rosalia alpina.

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