Thursday, September 27, 2018

American ape

This is a reprint of a short 1891 article by James Terry, an archaeologist who had discovered some mysterious Native sculptures in Oregon. The sculptures are ape-like, which makes no sense, since no apes are believed to have existed in North America in historical times (or at all). The author doesn't believe that the American Indians are the original inhabitants of the Americas, and assumes that some unknown pre-Indian culture sculpted the heads. Otherwise, he says relatively little about them. Of course, the sculpted ape-like heads are of considerable interest to modern crypto-zoologists and Bigfoot-hunters, as are Native ceremonial masks of a distinct ape-like appearance. Unsurprisingly, this reprint edition is brought out by Chad Arment's crypto-zoological press, Coachwhip Publications. Bigfoot is real, folks. Deal with it.

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