Friday, September 28, 2018

A paranoid epiphany

“The Synarchy of Agarttha” isn´t really a pamphlet, but a short chapter excerpted from a larger work, “The Trail of the Serpent” by Inquire Within (real name Christina Stoddard). Kessinger Publishing has an annoying tendency to publish single chapters of books as free-standing works in themselves. Stoddard was a former member of the Golden Dawn and Stella Matutina. She had reached a high level of initiation when she, according to Israel Regardie, had a “paranoid epiphany” and suddenly condemned all secret societies and occultists as parts of a vast Judeo-Satanic conspiracy. The result was “The Trail of the Serpent”, still something of an underground classic today.

The chapter on Agarttha argues that the hidden kingdom in the Himalayas is supposed to be interpreted symbolically. It´s really a reference to the Akashic Chronicles. Occultists who promote belief in Agarttha, most notably Alexandre Saint-Yves d´Alveydre, are “synarchists” who promote authoritarian and probably Jewish world government and theocracy. Judging by Stoddard´s quotes, Saint-Yves´ writings were strongly philo-Semitic, calling for “Judeo-Christian religion” and even arguing that Judeo-Christianity had to present itself as Hellenic Christianity as a survival strategy. Naturally, an anti-Semite will use this to his/her advantage.

Otherwise, the world conspiracy is extremely broad and seems to include pretty much everyone except traditional Christians: Masons, Theosophists, Rudolf Steiner and Max Heindel, Alice Bailey, the League of Nations and (in the past) Cabbalists, Manicheans, Gnostics, Sabeans and the Hellenized Jews of Alexandria! In the background lurks the Great Serpent, the Devil himself, with his kundalini power…

If you absolutely must read Christina Stoddard, obtain a copy of the entire book, not just this chapter. Or perhaps don´t read her at all…

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