Thursday, September 27, 2018

Give the man his shoes

“Pacific Rim” is a science fiction and action film, too long and too boring. This time, the aliens from outer space (or rather from another dimension of reality altogether) decide to attack humanity through the oceans by sending in “Kaiju”, a kind of cybernetic-bionic organisms which look like a cross between xenomorphs and Cthulhu.

After a coastal wall dismally fails to protect human civilization as we know it, the Homo sapiens high command decides to deploy the last remaining “Jaegers”, huge battle robots piloted by soldier-mediums. Meanwhile, a crazy scientist tries to mind-meld with a Kaiju, while a racketeer is busy tearing apart the dead monsters in order to sell their body parts on the Chinese black market…

The whole thing ends, appropriately enough, with a huge nuclear explosion, and we can all go to sleep in the knowledge that the creators of the Kaiju have been disposed of the hard way. That is, until the planned sequel appears later this year!

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