Thursday, September 27, 2018

Stop the singularity


“Transcendence” is a science fiction film about a scientist named Max who uploads his mind to a super-computer. This move gives him quasi-divine powers, but also scares the beejesus out of the FBI. To stop the world from being taken over by the new AI god, the Feds team up with a group of Neo-Luddite eco-terrorists, known as RIFT. Together the unholy alliance attacks the high-tech power station built by the sentient computer in the desert.

There are no easy choices in this story. Max isn't evil, but actually wants to heal the world by advanced bio-engineering, while making humans potentially immortal through nanotechnology. Yet, there is something deeply disturbing about his sudden evolution into a trans-humanist Overman. In the end, the non-enhanced specimens of man decide to kill him (or it), destroying most of the world's infrastructure in the process…

The film is dragging and frankly boring. It's doesn't get better by the inclusion of a silly love story between Max The Strong AI and his still-human wife. The ending is incomprehensible unless you read Wikipedia's exegesis. In the end, I only give “Transcendence” two stars.

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