Friday, September 28, 2018

Sphinx rising

“Atlantis Rising” is a magazine devoted to alternative knowledge claims. The magazine does seem to have a kind of “line”, which includes belief in the Lost Civilization, a world-wide cataclysm around 11,500 BCE, alternative Egyptology and (perhaps) ancient aliens. Explorer Graham Hancock is often quoted, and maverick geologist Robert Schoch is a frequent contributor. Various paranormal themes are also explored, such as remote viewing, levitation and automatic writing. More weirdly, the magazine has a soft spot for Elon Musk. It features very little conspiracy theory, making it less extreme than “Nexus Magazine”.

This issue contains a John Anthony West obituary, written by his longtime friend Schoch. “JAW” was a supporter of the seemingly mad idea that the Sphinx at Giza is much older than the pyramids, and hence proves that Egyptian civilization is more ancient than hitherto believed. It was West who convinced Schoch to test these claims. Sensationally, Schoch drew the conclusion that the Sphinx *is* thousands of years older than mainstream science is willing to admit. The claim has not been widely accepted by Egyptologists, but it did make Schoch an overnight hero in alternative and New Age circles.

Other articles in this issue include pieces on Calabrian megaliths, evidences for a Bronze Age “apocalypse”, Göbekli Tepe, William Blake´s view of Atlantis (clue: it´s…strange – but is anyone surprised?), “the consciousness of plants” and spirit communication. There is also a somewhat peculiar contribution arguing that ancient Sundaland in Indonesia was Atlantis…ahem, surely alternative knowledge guys should know it´s Lemuria? Even stranger is an article arguing for Intelligence Design á la the Biblical creator, which strikes me as outside the editorial line of this particular magazine…

I happen to disagree with large chunks of the material published in “Atlantis Rising”, but as a recent convert to the Lost Civilization (without the aliens) scenario, I will nevertheless give it three stars.

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