Thursday, September 27, 2018

Orthodox Covenant-Breakers

The Orthodox Bahai Faith is apparently a small split from the “official” Bahai faith. The only difference seems to be that the splitters had a different idea about who should have succeeded Bahai leader Shoghi Effendi after his passing away in 1957. The official branch never appointed another “Guardian of the Faith”, instead creating a collective leadership centered on the Universal House of Justice. The small Orthodox split-off argues that their leader Mason Remey is the new Guardian for reasons so esoterically administrative that they are of interest only to inveterate NRM-watchers. If you are such, this material might be for you. Or maybe not really, since most of it is standard Bahai fare, including the inevitable excerpts from the writings of Abdul-Baha and Effendi. In my book, groups which claim exclusive access to God, regard their “administrative order” (read: petty apparat) to be divinely ordained, and shun “covenant-breakers” are cults, which in this case probably includes both the Apostate Officials and the Orthodox Heretics…

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