Sunday, September 16, 2018

Remotely true

This is a peculiar little tract, brought to us by the Annapolis Remote Viewing Group (ARVG), the members of which claim to have been trained by highly adept astral travelers from the U.S. military and intelligence community. If so, I'm beginning to understand why the First Earth Battalion and the men who stare at goats never accomplished much!

Almost every prediction made by ARVG is either manifestly wrong or highly unlikely. In their scenario, Hillary Clinton picks Julian Castro as her running mate, while Marco Rubio wins the GOP primaries. Bernie Sanders (or another leftist Democrat) runs a successful third party campaign. Clinton eventually becomes president, is forced to leave office in 2019 in favor of Castro due to medical problems, and in 2020, Rubio reemerges and wins the presidential elections. Other hard-to-believe events include a Russian invasion of Latvia (a NATO and EU member-state) right under the nose of a bellicose Clinton administration. In a sequel to this e-book, the Annapolis seers actually change their predictions and suddenly predict that Donald Trump will become the next president…with Rubio as his veep!

Sometimes, I almost get the feeling that our brave psychic warriors are really pulling our legs (or perhaps our astral limbs). Here is a direct quote from the e-book: “Just as there eventually was a conspiracy theory that President Obama had trained to be President in 1981 with Major Ed Dames at a secret CIA teenager training camp on Mars, where some of the students were eaten by Martians (we also remote viewed this incident, by the way), there will be more and more, let's say, imaginative interpretations of Benghazi throughout the campaign.“(Kindle Locations 147-149). Read that again, slowly. Any relation to Rudolf Steiner's Mars Buddha is presumably purely accidental.

In simpler Biblical times, false prophets were stoned, but I suppose the First Amendment protects the Annapolitean revelators from any harm due to their faux and frivolous predictions. Besides, they aren't really from Annapolis anyway, presumably only being remotely connected to that vista…

Only two stars!

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