Sunday, September 16, 2018

Probably part of some conspiracy

This will probably be the last ARVG e-book I'll be reviewing. I'm still not sure whether the author is a troll, a slightly confused elderly gentleman or a MIB working for some lowly psy-op department of the Vast Intelligence Community. Nor do I understand who he is trolling! Me? You? Rogue customer reviewers in general? At one point, the author says he wants to avoid getting negative reviews on Amazon, so he is certainly checking this space for reactions!

My reactions to “Remote Viewing Conspiracy Theories” are mostly negative. It does have a psy-op feeling about it (perhaps we could call it an “aura”, to make the whole thing sound more mysterious). The purported Annapolis Remote Viewing Group debunks most popular conspiracy theories, from 9/11 to the Jesus bloodline, while simultaneously supporting even more ridiculous “alternative” notions.

There are intelligent reptoids living in caverns underground, which occasionally come to the surface to kill and eat humans. There is a secret human presence beyond Pluto. Elvis was an alien and was beamed onboard the mothership shortly after his “death”. The Holocaust did happen, but continued well into 1946 and had a total death toll of 11 million people?! The authors of this e-book are aliens, and confer with government representatives at Area 51 on a semi-regular basis. Ted Cruz' father was involved in the JFK assassination, together with LBJ. And yes, there is something special about Donald Trump's hair…


Disinformation, mucho? Only two stars!

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