Monday, August 27, 2018

Even worse than the interpreter at the Mandela memorial ceremony

I think I finally found it. *The* most bizarre book ever written, since about the invention of Assyrian clay tablets. And let's face it, the competition is pretty stiff! But here it is, "Nelson Mandela's Last Message to the World", subtitled "A Conversation with Madiba Six Hours After His Death". A conversation with Mandela...when?

I think you just "got the message".

The author of this absurd, potentially libellous screed, one Ryuho Okawa, styles himself Founder of Happy Science, apparently a new religious movement in the land of the rising sun, Japan. Okawa (whose most well known book is titled "The Laws of the Sun", where we learn that God's true name is El Cantare) claims to have the ability to channel both the spirits of the dead and the guardian spirits of the living. It seems Okawa's Happy Science outfit is spewing forth "spiritual interviews" with the rich and famous on a semi-regular basis. Margaret Thatcher, Steve Jobs, Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, Kim Jong-un and Newt Gingrich are some of the luminaries "interviewed" in this spiritual-paranormal manner by the hard working Japanese prophet. However, the "interview" with Mandela sure takes the prize!

"Mandela" turns out to be both an anti-Semite and a rather vociferous Japanese nationalist and imperialist. He believes that Japan fought for a just cause during World War II, that everyone in Asia "except China and Korea" was grateful to the Japanese liberators, and that Africa should follow the lead of Japan, where a new teacher of humanity will appear. Guess who? Yes, Ryuho Okawa. Madiba even calls him "Super Christ" and "Super Buddha". While Japan will become the greatest power on Earth, China and Korea are "evil". During the "interview", Mandela's spirit, using Okawa's body, even starts to dance and chant: "Happy, happy, Happy Science". We also learn that Mandela was King Chandra Gupta II in a previous life.

Just in case anybody thinks Okawa might be anti-Semitic, or prone to humbly see himself as the Anti-Christ, pardon, Super Christ, "Nelson Mandela's Last Message" contains the following disclaimer: "The opinions of the spirits do not necessarily reflect those of Happy Science group". Thanks for the clarification. Perhaps this material isn't libellous after all? I mean, who would channel Mandela's real spirit in the event of a court case?

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