Monday, September 24, 2018

Tintin in Lemuria

This is a classical Tintin adventure, known as “Flight 714” or “Flight 714 to Sydney” in English. This is the French edition. The story is more interesting than many other comics in this franchise, featuring tie-ins to UFO lore and ancient aliens á la Däniken. (Although I admit I don't believe in the Dänikenite speculations.) Tintin's creator Hergé had become interested in these kinds of speculations after reading a book by Robert Charroux, “Le Livre de Secrets Trahis”. Charroux seems to have been interested both in ancient mysteries and various forms of occultism. He had also been a comic creator himself.

Several characters in this comic are based on real people! The alien contactee Mik Ezdanitoff is based on ufologist Jacques Bergier, co-author of the famous book “The Morning of the Magicians”. According to a Tintin trivia page I consulted, the reporter on page 62 (frame 9) is also a real person, an otherwise unknown Tintin fan named Jean Tauré who wrote a letter to Hergé, expressing a wish to be included in the comic, shaking Captain Haddock's hand! Hergé agreed, on condition that their deal remained a secret. Tauré has no known Masonic or Rosicrucian connections…

OK, that was all for now. Well, almost. I think Indonesia is Lemuria. So Hergé and Captain Haddock got it ALMOST right, LOL.

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