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“Earth Angel Realms” is a revised and expanded edition of “Earth Angels” and “Realms of the Earth Angels”, two previous book by the same author (apparently, the two earlier books contain almost the same contents). Doreen Virtue is a 100% New Age therapist who works with angels and other otherworldly beings. She also claims that many of her human clients *are* angels, fairies, aliens or even animals reincarnated as humans. The book contains lengthy descriptions of these “earth angels”. Apart from the categories mentioned, some humans are apparently mermaids, leprechauns, wizards, unicorns or former denizens of Atlantis…

I admit that I didn't resonate with this material. My impression is that most of the “earth angels” are socially awkward people with psychological problems, and that the author is offering them angelic status as a kind of coping mechanism. Thus, Incarnated Angels are described as obese and food-addicted women pathologically obsessed with helping others to the point of self-effacement. They often endure abusive relationships with addicts, or come from broken homes. From Ms Virtue, these women learn that they are really angels from another dimension of reality, sent here on an important mission!

Other “earth angels” are downright anti-social. They are often promiscuous, prone to bizarre behavior, or addicts. The Starpeople seem to be autistic, although Virtue claims that is a misdiagnosis. Her analysis of the situation occasionally feels like New Age at its worst: evil is an illusion, everything is fine. Thus, abused children are really incarnated angels sent here to send love and healing to their parents, while one abused woman prayed to the Divine that she would be able to endure her husband for a little while longer in order to “help” him!

At other times, the author is unintentionally humorous. Or is it intentional? Difficult to say, but here is an excerpt on mermaids: “Merpeople tend to be very choosy about which brand of bottled water they drink. Merpeople often crave seaweed salad, sea vegetables, and nori (flattened seaweed wrapped around sushi rolls), probably because their bodies need the special sea-based nutrients.” (Kindle Locations 1607-1609). I'll remember looking for the merpeople next time I enter a sushi restaurant, LOL. The only earth angels who come across as normal, balanced and perfectly spiritually enlightened are the Atlanteans, who are said to have inspired the high cultures of Greece, Egypt, the Maya and the Inca.

I originally heard of this book, or rather the earlier version, when reading Lupa's “A Field Guide to Otherkin”. Otherkin is a peculiar subculture the members of which claim to be animals trapped in human bodies, usually wolves or big cats. Some Otherkin claim to be elves, fairies or angels. The overall atmosphere of Virtue's book is very different from Lupa's, however, something Lupa also acknowledges. Virtue's earth angels are usually here to help, either humanity or Nature, while Otherkin seem more individualistic and solely interested in their own journeys of self-discovery. Ironically, Otherkin seem more down to earth (!) than the earth angels, perhaps because the kin don't indulge in the utopian love-and-healing-conquers-all rhetoric of the Age of Aquarius. Indeed, some Otherkin aren't even particularly nice, claiming to be demons or vampires.

I'm not sure how to rate “Earth Angel Realms”. I didn't like it, but I admit that it's well written and systematic, so if New Age angel beliefs (or New Age transformations of folklore) is one of your special interests, I suppose it could be of some use. Personally, however, I just see a huge workshop of people completely in denial. Get real, merfolks, you are human, all too human!

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