Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Gospel according to Donald Trump

A review of "The Gospel: King Trump Version Bible" 

This is an attack on PEOTUS Donald Trump, written by an African-American ex-evangelical pastor, who is now a liberal and even supports BLM (Black Lives Matter). The attack on Trump is written in the form of an anti-gospel. When Trump appears, a voice from the bowels of the Earth proclaims him Satan's messenger, while frogs (perhaps a reference to Pepe) emerge to hail him. The Tea Party fills the role of John the Baptist, announcing that somebody far richer and more enticing will appear after them. Trump amazes the crowds since he “teaches with authority, unlike the other Republican candidates”, etc. I don't know how it ends, but I suspect the resurrection have been cancelled! The whole thing is meant non-ironically in the sense that the author really wants to insult the conservative White Christians who voted for The Donald, and believes their choice to be idolatrous (to use a very diplomatic term). However, I suspect the impact might have been greater had the author written more about himself and his political or spiritual transformation. And for the record, I don't support Hillary Clinton…

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