Monday, September 24, 2018

Et in Occitania ego

A little essay I posted on Amazon. 

The flag of the historical region known as Occitania, which roughly corresponds to southern France, where various dialects of the Occitan language used to be widely spoken. Apparently, Occitan is close to Catalan. The banner features the Occitan cross, often wrongly called the Cathar cross. It was originally used by either the counts of Toulouse or the ditto of Forcalquier, and then spread across the region. The "heretical" Cathars probably never used it, according to one theory because they didn't believe Jesus was crucified! I assume the cross became associated with Catharism due to its use by Raymond VI, Count of Toulouse, who opposed the anti-Cathar Albigensian Crusade for political reasons. Raymond was otherwise a Catholic. I've been looking for this flag for some time, and here it is...

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