Monday, September 17, 2018

Sheer mercantilism

Bergslagen is a region in Sweden, historically associated with mining. It has no official status. Personally, I associate Bergslagen with southern Dalarna, but the region is larger and also comprises parts of Värmland and Västmanland. The name refers to the ancient mining guilds.

The flag of Bergslagen is unofficial and registered as a trademark by Björn Thärnström, the designer. Until recently, the association Stråssa By in the village of Stråssa in Västmanland had exclusive rights to market and sell the flag. It seems that guild-like limitation has been lifted (since Amazon sells it now)...

The blue field stands for hydro-electrical power (or the air), the orange field for fire, the green field for the forests and the black field for the mineral ore mined in the region.The yellow cross symbolizes agriculture. The flag of Sweden also has a yellow cross. I'm not sure how widespread this flag is, but it's not unknown in the target region.

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