Saturday, September 1, 2018

Scheduled castes and Afghan guerrillas

As a kid, me and my best friend collected stamps. We cherished bogus stamps in particular. Unfortunately, my friend got all the Nagaland stamps. I'm still jealous! I think I still have a few of those magnificent bird stamps from Staffa, though. Somewhere. Apparently, one Clive Feigenbaum was behind all these schemes. Good ol' Clivey is described as a "colourful British businessman" by Wikipedia. No argument there. I take it the stamp at this product page comes straight from Feigenbaum's collection? Nagaland is a real place in India, but I doubt it issues its own stamps, although I'm sure the local armed separatists might be interested in the profits from Clive's colourful business operations... Thus, we're dealing with another beautiful forgery. And, it seems, another Afghan Hound!

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