Saturday, September 1, 2018

Beautiful and bogus

Yet another review of a fake postage stamp from Russia...

Another beautiful but probably bogus stamp showing an Afghan Hound, this time from the Republic of Kalmykia. These stamps are explicitly said to be “unofficial” on other sites, and sometimes even more explicitly condemned as “illegal”.

Personally, I don't necessarily mind gorgeous fakes, as long as people know what they are buying. In this case, the “unofficial” character of the stamp is easily spotted, since (of course) Kalmykia doesn't spell its name in English, and doesn't even use the Latin alphabet! The symbol on the stamp is that of scouting, not Kalmykia (which uses a different flower on its flag).

Perfect for philatelists with a weird sense of humour, or Afghan Hound super-afecionados. Therefore, five stars despite probably being printed in somebody's back yard in Nagaland…

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