Sunday, September 16, 2018

Santa is subversive

“Night before Christmas in Oregon” is a rhymed story for children about how Santa Claus and his favorite reindeer visit the U.S. state of Oregon on the West coast. Santa reminisces about the time he gave sturdy walking boots to Lewis and Clark of the famed Lewis & Clark Expedition! Apart from the rhymes, the story is filled with local references which probably only a hard boiled beaver understands.

I admit that this little story wasn't my cup of Christmas cocktail. As a kid, I found rhyme extremely annoying. But then, I read non-fiction books about everything from animals to Vikings at a relatively tender age, LOL. I review Sue Carabine's e-book mostly as a protest against the silly “war on Christmas” currently underway in Oregon. Presumably, you can be reported if you read this aloud for the kids somewhere in Hillsboro or Eugene!

When Santa becomes subversive, you know something really strange is going on…

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