Sunday, September 16, 2018

Occult and boring?

“The New Encyclopedia of the Occult” is prolific author John Michael Greer's take on Western esotericism. If you read books on matters occult mostly for entertainment purposes, you will find this material boring. There is relatively little on Wicca, Satanism, Voodoo or the Beast whose number is Aleister Crowley. Instead, there are entries (lots of them!) on geomantic figures, Kabbalistic angels, Tarot cards or the occult meaning of Ogham runes. Some entries deal with people who are well known in occult circles, but almost unknown to the sensation-hungry public, such as Paschal Beverly Randolph, Manley P Hall or C C Zain. Still others contain criticism of Neo-Paganism, the fantasy scene or the imaginary origins of Wicca. Readers should also bear in mind that the author is the current head of a small esoteric group, the AODA, which combines a pantheistic spirituality based on Druid symbolism with Golden Dawn-derived ritual magic. Not very entertaining either, but probably more serious. But don't worry, Archdruid Greer (who wants to be “all things to all people”) has written a fun factor book, too, in order to snare frivolous dabblers like you into the slimy nets of the Occult Underground. I'm referring (of course) to his bestselling Halloween volume “Monsters". After encountering one of the lovely critters enumerated in that work, you'll gonna need those geomantic figures, trust me...

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