Sunday, September 16, 2018

Azuregreen mojo

Azure, but not green

My review of a peculiar Amazon product page, referring to JMG´s book on the Celtic Golden Dawn as the "Azuregreen" ditto. Ooookay...

Ha ha, for a moment I assumed that Grand Magus Greer had secretly published a *really* esoteric edition of "Celtic Golden Dawn", finally giving the illuminated initiates of Gruffydd and Llywelyn all the info they crave about how to shape-shift into a reptilian from Rainbow City, or become invisible during a finance crisis (not from Rainbow City). Here it is, the AZUREGREEN Celtic Golden Dawn, the real mojo and then some. But naaah, it was just a mistake of whoever developed this product page. No hard feelings though. Maybe there is hidden purpose behind this mishap, too? ;-)

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