Wednesday, September 19, 2018

I can survive the Ragdoll

This is a surprisingly good introduction to domestic cat breeds, including crossbreeds and hybrids. It should probably be your first “port of call” if you know next to nothing about cats. You can take that from me, I don't like the damn critters and the feeling's mutual!

The bulk of the book contains presentations of the breeds. Some of the breeds are described twice, in different sections. Fairly well known breeds include the Abyssinian, the British Short-hair, the Manx cat (the one with no tail), the Persian and the Siamese. Even I and most birds could probably survive the pliant giant Ragdoll. The multi-color crossbreeds make a non-surprising appearance (I remember those from my grandmother's old yard). More bizarre, perhaps, is the Elf Cat and other naked breeds. The book further covers the Savannah, a hybrid between the domestic cat and the serval, a wild African cat. For some reason, the controversial Ashera is also featured. Many believe that the Ashera was simply a rebranded Savannah with a forged pedigree!

Perhaps too basic for the Felis aficionado, but to people like me, who usually avoid these sinister creatures, it feels like an eye-opener.
Four stars!

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