Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Lenin with a cat

This is a popularized introduction/encyclopedia for the general reader, although a strong and abiding love for things feline probably does help. The book covers all aspects of catdom, from feline evolution to the superhero Catwoman! Or was it super-villain? You will also encounter Flaurus the cat-demon, a black cat carrying a swastika (that's a real photo!), “Puss in Boots”, Lenin with a cat (also a real photo), and a chapter on cats in comics which doesn't mention Garfield. Copyright problems? Other chapters deal with cats in modern art, veneration of cats in religious worship, cats and Christianity (sic) and the inevitable witch-burnings. A final section presents about 60 different cat breeds. A lot of color photos throughout make this the perfect gift for crazy cat-lovers or precocious kids going through their cattier phase. Could be somewhat boring for the rest of us…

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