Monday, September 17, 2018

I can see dead people

Zombies and other dead people vote for Cthulhu. All 4 million of them. So how come Cthulhu never gets 4 million votes? Why isn't The Undead Ancient One even on the ballot (except in Louisiana, together with the Swamp Monster and the Loup Garou)? It has come to our attention that the Democrats (a.k.a. People for the American Way) are stealing our votes by busing in LIVING people to the cemetary polling stations!!!

We will protest this by a calm, dignified and very slow-moving procession towards Washington DC. We will walk on foot, or on our tentactles. We will stop to rest and feed at appropriate venues on the way, such as Arlington Cemetery.

But one day, Mr Way, one day we WILL reach our destination. And no, you can't drone us. You see, we're already dead...

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